Our Proof

"I found the I-insureme concept to be very appealing, and yet the reality has proven to be even better! After 20 years with the same insurance carrier, I didn't think anyone could beat what I had. Not only did I-insureme save me $211, I was also able to improve my liability limits from the state required minimum to $100k/$300k and even included a one million dollar umbrella policy for much better protection for me and my household. On top of that, I earn a referral fee on my own policy every year. Thank you I-insureme! - Lonnie G.

I was able to save over $400 per year on my insurance. This is the easiest business endeavor ever undertaken and one of the least expensive startup businesses ANYONE can do! - Judy C.

With I-insureme, my auto insurance was slightly more and my homeowners is exactly the same. However, when you subtract the income I am paid from I-insureme by referring just a few others that did see substantial savings, my insurance costs me nothing by being with I-insureme. I absolutely love this company! - Rick W.

Being retired military, I was certain I had the best home and auto insurance coverage possible at the best price. I had insurance with them for 25 years. Imagine my surprise (and ultimate delight) when I priced coverage through I-insureme and found that not only did I save $634 per year, but I got even better coverage! - Dennis R.

"I am SO impressed with I-insureme... what a revolutionary concept to an everyday expense! Paul and his team provide me with ALL of the support and tools needed to help grow my business. After less than 2 months, I'm now a Licensed Representative and I'm saving $440 per year on my own insurance coverage. Plus, I'm earning a referral fee on my own policy at the same time! And all I did was plug in to their system and follow it. Looking forward to many prosperous years ahead with I-insureme!" - Chad M.

I am very impressed with the quotes that I have received for myself, my family, and others who have signed up to be I-insureme representatives. I am saving $250/year and I live in California. This savings also includes an increase in my insurance limits, so I have better coverage for less. My daughter, who lives in Colorado is saving over $3,000/year! - Lynmichelle K.

I've been with I-insureme for almost 4 years. Since joining, I have saved over $1000 per year on my insurance premiums (home, auto, umbrella). And I am also developing a nice residual income which grows steadily, and sometimes exponentially. Signing up for this has been one of the BEST decisions I've ever made! - Paula T.

When I got my quote, it wasn't a significant savings, only about $30 a year on my auto and $100 per year on my house. But I had a very bad accident last winter on icy roads, that totaled my beautiful "Salsa Red Pearl" Toyota Tundra! Because of my previous record and because I changed insurance companies my accident was forgiven and my rates weren't RAISED. I also enrolled in a "Right Track" program that was able to save me about an additional $130 per year, so altogether a savings of $260 per year and we upgraded a few items on the house for better coverage. So I am very pleased with the way things turned out for me. There's a great deal to be said for shopping around and my agent at Dickinson certainly knows how to do that! Thanks I-insureme for the opportunity! - Sandy S.

When I got the outbound phone message I was intrigued. As a life licensed agent I wasn't keen on adding Property & Casualty to what I do. I was a "typical" customer of an Independent Agent in a Brick & Mortar local agency until someone told me about Costco's Insurance. I went to their website, entered my data and they saved me $800 per year so I was skeptical that i-InsureMe could do any better but they did and saved me another $1,100 per year. - Keith L.

Many of the traditional barriers associated with building a growing monthly residual income are eliminated with I-insureme. I was blown away after learning about the turn-key referral system, especially after working as a personal lines P and C agent with a top company in Michigan. My first couple of months utilizing the referral platform I was able to help customers save hundreds off their existing auto and home insurance policies. On the agency side my business has grown outside of my home state of Michigan to include six additional states. Where else can you grow a multi-state insurance agency without investing thousands of dollars and an intense travel schedule? And the best aspect about working with this system is we are just getting started, the best is yet to come. - Robert R.

As an agent in a state to where I-insureme does not write business, I immediately began marketing in areas that we do. I had a gentleman in Texas who decided he wanted to try it first by getting a quote. He saved over $2000 a year and became my first PSR as a result of following the system. - Bill C.

"I-insureme was able to save me nearly $1,100.00 a year on my Auto & Home Insurance which is great. I am looking forward to the business opportunity that I-insureme provides as it seems like a complete no-brainer. Why not get paid for your own insurance policy rather than making someone else money? Everyone should get going with an I-insureme account!" - Nathan L.

My brother Steve is the smart one of the family, Masters in Science and does cancer research. He wears a white lab coat and was sure he had the best insurance for his Mercedes and his Home. I was a little persistent with him, so finally emailed me his declaration page with Allstate and his driver's license. I sent it to my Rep, Elisha, at Dickinson, and she worked with Science Steve. He asked several questions, Elisha was patient, and she saved him $500 per year. He bought me dinner at our next family Sunday night event. - Jerry G.

I was able to save my parents $168 per year on their car insurance plus get them better coverage! They are on a fixed income so every bit of savings helps out. - Jerry T.

I saved my dad $700 a year on his auto insurance after switching to Dickinson. - Stasha J.

"I have recently started working with I-insureme's Customer Service Center. Their service and ease of doing business has exceeded all expectations! As agents and business owners, our time is very important to us, so it is critical that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently. With I-insureme, you get just that - the system is easy to use and the agency workspace is an efficient way to be kept up to date for the status of each client. They have been extremely responsive, and often turn around quotes to my clients within the same day of me submitting their information. In a world where insurance is being viewed more and more as a commodity, customer service and a quick turnaround time is essential. I-insureme is delivering on both fronts as well as saving our clients money!" - Ron R.

We are just so happy with our car insurance quote from Dickinson. We submitted 3 of our cars for a quote and we will be saving 424.00 a year for those cars. That was such a blessing that we will also be submitting our Commercial Bldg for a quote also. We are super excited. We will be giving this information to our relatives also so that they can also start saving and making money. - Zita W.

When I was able to switch my own auto policy to I-insureme , I was able to get the same company and better coverage . I got better liability coverage which is $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence and $50,000 for property damage with medical and uninsured motorist with property damage. I recognized that the agent who was helping me was so knowledgeable about what they do. I was able to get the same company with the same coverages and I save about $2.00 a month, but I chose to go for the higher limit of coverage of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence and $50,000 for property damage with medical and uninsured motorist with property damage because it would be better for me overall. Plus, I can quickly get to the point where I'm earning enough from I-insureme to completely offset the cost of my insurance! - Yan B.

"As a new agent, I was curious to see how much I would save shopping through I-insureme. I was thrilled when my quote was $1,000 less expensive annually than my current coverage. But it gets better. I receive a referral fee on my policy!" - Frank P.